A quad watch winder is a watch winder that you can store four watches in it. There are at least three reasons to have a watch winder of this size instead of another winder of other sizes.

It is what most collectors need.

Having it is great if you regularly need the four available niches to store your automatic watches. Most people who wear automatic watches have not only one watch. An automatic watch is mostly a collector’s item and collectors rarely have only one watch. You can indeed buy a single watch winder even if you are an automatic watch collector; however, having four niches in your watch winder is a better choice because all items in your collection have a similar dependence on the winder.

It is simply of the right size.

If you are a true collector, bigger watch winders are certainly better, aren’t they? Well, not necessarily. A single or double watch winder might not sufficiently accommodate your watches; however, bigger winders are also not always better choices. 

You might be tempted to buy a watch winder that accommodates 8, 12, 16, or more watches; however, bigger winders are bulkier, costlier, and heavier. If you need a watch winder that is both compact and commodious, a quad watch winder is simply the best choice.

It also has the right form.

Four is a square number. It is the smallest square number after one. A watch winder with four niches on it can have either a rectangular or square form. If you want to have a compact watch winder that is either rectangular or square, you can choose a watch winder for either one watch or four watches. 

Because you want to have a capacious watch winder, a quad watch winder is better than a single watch winder, especially because the bigger square winder that you can buy is a bulky nine-watch winder.


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