Now, you already bought the best quality watch winder usa you can find. The next thing you should do is use it. You don’t know how to use it? That would be too bad. But, rest easy. Below, we have the guide on how to use a watch winder.

  1. Open the top case of the watch winder. You will see the place where you can put your watch,
  2. Put the watch in the correct direction inside. To know more about the correct position to put your watch, you may refer to the watch winder manual and instructions,
  3. Now, adjust the Turns per Day (TPD), length operation, and rotation direction. The watch winder may also have another set that you can adjust. So, please look for more information about it from its manual,
  4. Once you adjust the setting, you only have to turn on the watch winder usa. Mostly, you can get the battery and electrical type watch winder. For an electrical type watch winder, you have to place it close to the power socket, so it can get the AC power to operate its functions.
  5. After you turn it on, the watch winder will mimic your hand movement to keep the watch operating. It will continuously do that until you turn it off and take the watch from it.  
  6. Now, you can leave your watch and take it back whenever you want to wear it again.


Using a watch winder is not something difficult to do. It is easy to master even without a manual. You may need it for the operation setting. But, other than that, you won’t have any problem. Now, you only have to get the watch winder usa that matches your watch specification. Some of them also have the watch case design.


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