The automatic winding system using a rotor to help charge is an innovation that goes far beyond the manual winding system. For you who are watch collectors, having watch winders is a must to keep your watch collection safe and clean. Using 3 watch winder box can be your choice. 

Normal rotating duration of an automatic watch winder

There is something to note so that your automatic watch winding is correct and it will not damage your precious watch collections. Every automatic watch has a power store on the main spring. This power storage is different for each brand. However, it ranges from 40 hours to 200 hours. 

Generally, it is 48 hours for commercial brands that we usually find. For every time you wind up, your watch can run for up to 2 days by fully winded. 

Number of rotation of watch winder

So, the question is, how long does it take for the watch to be fully charged? The answer is how many times you turn the watch until it is fully charged depends on the power reserve. The more the power reserve, obviously, it involves more spin than the small power reserve. 

Normally, it needs about 20-30 rounds for 48 hours of power reserve. How if we wind more than 48 hours? For the mechanic watches there is actually not problematic. It is because when the power is fully charged, spinning will not affect the main spring anymore. However, in some cases, the spin will be louder when the power is fully charged.

If you have at least three watches as your collections, you can use 3 watch winder box to keep them evenly.

Manual vs. automatic watch winder

Now, you already see when and how many times to wind your watches. If you still do it manually; what you need to keep in mind is to wind it once a day for about 20 times before wearing the watch. If the winding system of your watch is automatic, there is no need to turn the crown. You just need to keep it in your watch winder box.

Winding is an activity to rotate the crown of your watch so that your automatic watch can be charged. It is used for the first automatic watch using a manual winding system. For the simpler one, you can choose automatic 3 watch winder box to wind your three watches at the same time properly. 


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