The best double watch winder is suitable for you who own at least 2 automatic mechanical watches. It is the same as other watch winders. The only difference is that it can accommodate 2 automatic watches. If you are not familiar yet with this device, here is all you need to know about a double watch winder.

What is a Double Watch Winder?

In a nutshell, a double watch winder is a watch box, in which you can place 2 automatic watches there to wind them simultaneously. Since they can accommodate 2 automatic watches, double watch winders are, of course, larger than single watch winders. There are even ones that offer extra storage space, allowing you to wind even more watches. Just like other types of watch winders, double watch winders also come in a variety of models, colors, and materials.

How Does a Double Watch Winder Work?

The best double watch winder works similarly like single and other types of watch winders. It imitates the wrist’s movement to keep the watch running when it is not in use. It uses vibration and rotation technology. The only difference is that they have 2 spaces to wind 2 automatic watches at the same time. Most double watch winders are equipped with programs and settings that let you wind both watch cushions in the same direction and TPD or Turns Per Day.

Some others let you separately set each watch cushion. Such a double watch winder makes it possible for you to wind 2 different watches on the same device at the same time. As it is said before, there are double watch winders that offer additional space for storing even more watches. It is probably because people who buy the best double watch winder own a small watch collection they want to keep together.


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