A single automatic watch winder is going to help you tremendously when it comes to keeping your automatic watch up and running. Your automatic watch needs to be wound to be able to function. And a watch winder will help you with that. Here are some watch winder tips.

Turns Per Day and Rotational Needs

Sure, a watch winder is going to help you keep the function of your automatic watch. However, that does not mean that you do not have to set up your watch winder. 

When you are trying to set your watch winder, you might want to consider the Turns Per Day (TPD) of your watch winder. An automatic watch needs an optimal TPD that will keep it wound healthily. That is why this is a very important factor that you need to pay attention to, even if you only have a mini single automatic watch winder.

Many watch manufacturers usually specify the TPD, which can be pretty helpful. However, sometimes a specified TPD is not available upon your purchase. That is why you need to find out some more information about the optimal TPD. You can do this by contacting the watch vendor for some information.

Where it Rotates

Another important tip to properly use your single automatic watch winder is to pay attention to the rotation direction. Different watches have different characteristics when it comes to their efficiency. Some watches can work more efficiently by rotating unidirectionally. Other watches work better when they rotate bi-directionally.

You can find watch winders that can rotate both ways or only one way. If you want to find the best watch winder for your automatic watch, then you need to make sure that your watch winder can fulfill the requirements of your automatic watch. And those are some single automatic watch winder tips that you need to know if you are a big fan of automatic watches.

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